Hello all. I hope you have had a great summer! will be starting my classes next week. First up will be Excel Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30. Saturday morning at 8 will be Word. This will be the first time I will have taught Word on a Saturday. So for those beginners out there that would like to take Word on a weekend, this is a rare opportunity.

Tons of new stuff awaits you! We have new computers on the desktop and they are nice! We are now officially teaching Windows 10 and it is the default OS on the computers now. Also, we have upgraded to the newest version of Office…2016.

The biggest change will be how we teach. NO MORE BOOKS REQUIRED….for any class. Why you may ask, because everything will be web based. You are going to get access to all kinds of online training and an eBook for free! You will be able to access these resources from any computer with an internet connection.

So lots of exciting changes! Hopefully I’ll see you all next week!