Sorry I couldn’t make the first night.  I had to have some minor surgery done on one of my feet but all is fine. I am sitting with my foot up as I write this….

You are in good hands tonight with Jeanette!!

I intend to make this class something special. As I mentioned in my post below, we will be focusing on working with pictures and video. Also working with the cloud and sharing files. We are also going to spend some time with communication tools which are very important in today’s work environment, including designing your own website!!!

If you do not have a live account….please get one! The link is on the left. Also, please sign up for slack, link also on the left. The team name is GCCteach.slack.com . We will also be discussing Skype. If you have a live account, you can get Skype as well. We may use Twitter as well. My twitter is on the left. If you ask extra nice, maybe Jeanette can help you out.

This is normally a 4 week class but we will be missing two Thursdays, this Thursday and the last. So we only have three weeks to get all this done! Next week we will be discussing pictures and video and start our discussion on designing your own website. So have a great Thanksgiving and I will see you all Tuesday next week.

BTW….i will be giving away some great stuff at the end of this class! I’ll be shopping for a few things this black Friday. I will post the great deals I come across on my twitter account and maybe a few big ones on this website! If you need to call me to ask about anything, feel free.