Services were part of the mix at CES, including Lexifone, which offers in-call translations in these languages: English-U.S., as well as English used in the U.K., and Australia; French Canadian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin-China, Mandarin-Taiwan, Polish, and Portuguese both Brazil and EU, as well as Russian, Spanish-Mexico, Spanish-Spain.

A users dials into Lexifone, identifies the language that needs translation, and then reoriginates the call, or dials out to the other party. When a caller stops talking, the cloud-based system, after an approximately four-second pause, will translate. The accuracy for languages such as Spanish can be as high as 95%, and for Mandarin, the most difficult, about 70%, but it’s improving, said Patrick Tata, vice president of marketing. The service is available to consumers as well as businesses.