Welcome to the Integrated Technology Class! This is the last class for this year….where did it all go? I am so happy you are attending this class. I know you will find it interesting, educational, and hopefully very enjoyable. Check back often at this website for any information or links that I may refer to in class. If I have any handouts, you will find them mentioned here or may be in the list in the Internet folder on the right. There is no book for this class. But I encourage you to check out some computer books at local book stores (or Amazon!) to supplement what we will be discussing in this class. This class is Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:30 to 9:30. We will be missing two nights. The Thursday for Thanksgiving the 28th there will be no class. Also, the last Thursday we will miss since School ends on Wednesday. So that only leaves us three weeks to get it all in! Remember, your attendance is critical, so please attend if you can. I look forward to our time together. Thank you for coming!

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